Stephen Derk (Founder)

Derk's Uniform embodies a story of over Seventy-five years of passion for the textile and apparel industry. Originally formed in 1939 by the hands of Stephen Derk a trained craftsman's in the art of tailoring and patriarch to the Derks family. Stephen was forced to make garments for German officers during WWII. Upon managing to flee from their grasps he sought refuge in Italy for over a year. Stephen eventually worked his way to Edmonton, Canada to start a new life and continued to work in his trade for over 30 years. With a love for fine tailored goods and a philosophy of hard work and elegance, he embodied these virtues to heart as we do now.

In honor of this man, we stand by the same values and traditions that he has passed down to our company from generation to generation.

All hours might be effected by the holidays